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we offer a variety of services for your safety and security needs. Our highly trained guards provide services such as:
  • Observing and reporting incidents and activities, as well as making periodic patrols for irregularities, to provide for the safety and security of personnel and client property.

  • Preserving order and acting to enforce regulations pertaining to site-specific visitors, personnel, and the premises.

  • Controlling access to your site or facility based on your company’s admittance process.

  • Responding quickly to unsafe conditions, hazardous materials, blocked entrances and exits, unlocked doors, security violations, mechanical issues, and unauthorized individuals, or general emergencies such as fire, medical emergencies, bomb threats, and flooding.

  • Protecting evidence or your facility in the case of emergencies, accidents, or security issues.

  • Preparing reports or reports as required.

 A 2 Z Nationwide Security does not just provide specific services, but specific people. Some facilities or events require                  more security than others, which is why we have you covered. We can provide your company, home, or event with:

  • Unarmed Guards: Looking for a deterrent against crime while still keeping a comfortable atmosphere? Our unarmed security guards are the perfect solution. They carry no weapons, but their uniform is recognizable and carries the weight of authority. They are friendly, helpful, and professional.

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